Curious, Creative & Critical Thinking

I am passionate about data, and truly enjoy transforming raw information into formats that are usable, insightful, and actionable.


Providing guidance to a number of small startup projects, and overseeing the implementation & execution of developmental and strategic initiatives.

Assisted with developing and maintaining various data feeds, databases, strategic reporting tools, and data management applications.

Supported the various data needs producing reports, presentations, and self-serve analytic tools and resources. Led a complete transition from an outsourced analytics provider to an efficient, cost-effective, internally managed solution using Tableau Server.

Managed a portfolio of digital campaigns supporting every phase of execution, and ensuring optimal performance and maximum revenue.

Served as primary data-centric resource supporting all areas of operation with research, analysis, and reporting. Overhauled email program by redesigning newsletter, centralizing inter- departmental resources, and streamlining the overall process to increase opportunities, decrease costs, improve engagement, and increase subscriber database utilization.



Having worked in numerous analytic, creative, and strategic capacities in the Publishing, Ad-Tech, E-Commerce, & Agency spaces has given me a unique perspective of today's media & marketing landscape.


My extensive technical background includes almost all things tech: coding, web dev, databases, data modeling, and much more. I am uniquely dynamic and adept, capable of exceptional multi-tasking.


Energetic, driven, collaborative, and curious, I always try to provide answers to questions that haven't even been thought of yet.


Adept at programming, prototyping, IoT, and pretty much all things tech.


The team makes the dream work, and we are only as good as the weakest link.


  • The way he was able to integrate the information from various sources across our business in to clean, intuitive, and user-friendly dashboards and reports provided us insights and answers to questions we never would have thought of.

    Jason Murphy

  • David is incredible. He always finds a way to deliver, and you can tell how much he loves solving problems creatively. He understands the power of data, and has a unique knack for putting it all together.

    Sen Besey

  • The way he is able to provide answers while guiding others to not only understand the answer, but how to find it and other answers as well is utterly amazing. He not only provides insight and analysis, but intelligence and inspiration too.

    Susan Rollins