About Me

About Me

My name is David, and I am a Business Intelligence / Marketing Professional in New York City, with experience in the Media, Ad Tech, and Retail industries.

I have helped companies achieve countless goals of projects focused on audience, content, and product/opportunity development, operational streamlining & automation, and ultimately growing margins/profits. I advocate a data-driven philosophy in all operations, and believe that detailed information and effective analysis/insights, are paramount to successfully managing today's modern businesses.

With skills in numerous tools, an innate adaptability, and a passion for problem solving, I have consistently shown myself to be a critical component of the achievements of past projects.

Outside of my professional endeavors, I also pursue countless other interests and passions. I am very creative, and love exploring artistic applications of technology. I dabble in a multitude on-going projects, including: 3D printing, IoT devices, LEDs, Graphic Design, and so much more!

I am always looking for new opportunities.  If you would like to discuss how my unique skills, knowledge, and experience would be of value to your specific endeavor, you can contact me via any of my social profiles, or the form on the Contact page.