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Ad Tech

Optimization Strategist

The Optimization Strategist is a key role, serving as a technical expert in utilizing the company's proprietary technology to achieve client goals, maximize revenue, and contribute to platform development. The position is crucial to the overall growth of the company, and supports every major aspects of the business, including: sales, client services, revenue management, technology development, and operations.

The Optimization Strategist collaborates directly with the Sales and Client Services teams, leading the execution of each campaign, including:
  • Defining campaign goals and KPI's
  • Tailoring unique execution strategies
  • Developing effective creative assets and messaging
  • Managing, QA'ing, and deploying campaign resources
  • Implementing client-side tracking capabilities
  • Maximizing the equilibrium of performance and revenue
  • Providing statistics, insights, and recommendations on improving performance
The Optimization Strategy team collaborated regularly to share ideas and information on:

  • Streamlining manual processes
  • Utilizing helpful tips, tricks, and techniques
  • Brainstorming creative assets or messaging
  • Standardizing internal/external reports
  • Identifying additional insights
  • Developing new product units, functionalities, or behaviors
It is also the only role with operational experience, and actively contributes to the overall development of the platform and technology. The role is critical to:
  • Detecting and documenting errors, bugs, or operational anomalies
  • Refining system interface improvements
  • Expanding analytical capabilities

This role requires teamwork, technological prowess, the ability to problem solve and think critically, superb organization, and effective time management skills. In supporting every other business unit, it is the most dynamic position within the organization, and ultimately fuels the success of the entire business.