Media / Publishing

Media / Publishing

Marketing Manager; Insights & Analytics

I served as the primary research expert for a large integrated media company with over 17 national titles, that delivered premium content across print, digital, and broadcast channels, with over 3 Million web visitors and over 7 Million magazine readers each month.  I provided detailed insights and analysis to support all departments and operations. Employing a data-driven philosophy proved to be a critical aspect to sustaining growth despite the volatility of the modern media landscape.

Supported Editorial and Digital Development teams by verifying implementations of tracking and ad-serving code, monitoring digital activity / user behavior, identifying and analyzing trends / anomalies, and delivering high-level reports on regular and ad-hoc basis.
  • Market / Audience Research
  • Ad Sales / Partnership Programs
  • Content Development & Monetization
  • Social Media & Email Marketing
  • Operational & Logistical Modernization
  • Google Analytics / DART (DfP)
  • MRI / comScore / Nielsen
  • Informz / ExactTarget
  • Advanced Excel / MS Office
  • Photoshop / Adobe CS
  • WordPress / Google API
Assisted Ad Sales with advertiser prospecting, completing RFP's, creating presentations/pitches by performing detailed analysis via primary market research tools and internal databases.
Another major undertaking of this role was overseeing a comprehensive overhaul of the email marketing and digital newsletter programs.

Primary Goals / Objectives

  • Improve Content Appeal / Reader Experience
  • Rectify List Stagnation / Engagement
  • Enhance Corporate Analytic Capabilities
  • Centralize Critical Inter-Departmental Resources
  • Facilitate Universal Access to Central Resources
  • Automate Redundant Operations
  • Streamline Communications & Logistics
  • Increase Efficiency & Reduce Cost
  • Create New Ad Sales / Partnership Opportunities

Major Results / Achievements

  • increase advertising opportunities
  • decrease operational costs
  • improve engagement capabilities
  • increase the utilization of the current subscriber database
  • contribute to the growth of the web/social audience, ad revenues
  • provided greater insight to cross-over between the various audiences