Retail & e-Commerce

Retail & e-Commerce

Technical Expert, Tableau; Insights & Analytics

Through my most recent position with a large, nationally-recognized retailer, I have demonstrated myself to be an invaluable resource, providing vital technical expertise to the Marketing, Management, and Business Intelligence teams during a transformative phase of modernization, optimization, and growth.

Primary Objectives:

  • Internalize / centralize all analytic operations
  • Deploy self-serve analytics company-wide
  • Modernize obsolete resources / improve data utilization
  • Maximize data consistency, relevance, and integrity

Obstacles & Challenges

  • A lack of operational expertise with Tableau
  • Scarcity and disassociation of data sources
  • Complexity and immensity of data points
  • Variety and quantity of analytic needs
  • Resistant and complacent cultural philosophy

To date, I have achieved each goal, ahead of schedule, under budget, and far beyond expectation. Most importantly, I have demonstrated the extent of its capabilities, affirmed its immeasurable value to the whole of operations, and laid the foundation for empowering future successes.